Monday, January 03, 2011

unknown progress

Sessions have been a lot of fun.

I hope to have all initial tracking done by this weekend.  That is a great feeling.
I am having lots of people come in and do some background vocals.  This record has a lot of group vocals.  All my friends on this beautiful Other Songs Music label...

Last night I had The Good Hunters (photo) in to sing a ending chorus on the song, "The Found".  They did a great job.  Bruekke was also here a few weeks ago to sing all the choruses on "Flesh and Bones".  Nat Wiarda was here before Cmas to sing on "Nobody's Someone".   On Wednesday my buddies Tim, Eric and Jeff are here to record on "Knots" and of course the incredible Brielle sang some great stuff back in November on "Between the Mountains and the Sea". And of course James Hoffman has done some work on "The Found" and hope to get him back on another tune.

Lots of exciting news happening now in 2011.   Artwork released soon.

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