Friday, October 08, 2010

tough day

Today was tough
At first it was hard to get going. I needed a coffee. By 9:30 I was rolling. Belly of the whale went really well with a super cool jam ending. Very stoked about that. A lot happier sounding than the demo version I did in January.

Then I started Nobodys someone. All the vocals and a few of the main acoustic takes are going to need redoing this week or another time. They are sounding hissy. Got a stellar drum take on this tune. Then built it up kinda nice and simple.

Then my friend ben and his pal came over for a bit. Then I started Flesh and bones. Which was poised to sound rad when all of a sudden something in the recordings sounded off. Very mid rangey. Four hours later I narrowed down the problem to be the software. How bizarre. I was freaking out. I reinstalled the software by 9pm and it seems to be working okay. I was freaking. The tests sound good. I'm going to use that as a chance to start over on flesh and bones.

I'm tired.

Tomorrow at 7am I'm off to run in a 5k race with me mate Sven and some family. Then back by 11ish hopefully for more work.

Tomorrow I'm going to try something new by recording the guitars on my MacBook and then tossing them over to the main computer. That way I can get a cleaner signal on the guitars.

Thanks for stopping in.

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