Tuesday, October 26, 2010

too long

Sorry it's been so long. I've been super busy.
Kids With Money have their first gig on Thursday and we've been practicing like a lot.

Ive also begun preproduction with two other acts on the label that I'm recording.

Here is an update on the record.

- last week I had Brielle come over for some background vocals and violin. She did a stand up job. She just recorded for "between the mountains and the sea" It sounds really great. It's the last tune on the record i think. I just got to mixing it tonight and some incredible elements came out. I haven't mixed the violins yet but I mixed the vocals with four takes on top of eachother.

- I've also made huge progress on mixing "knots" and am close to finishing that one.

- I started mixing "dreaming in red" and I ended up rerecording it twice. And then I realized quick that it just wasn't going anywhere and maybe I shouldn't include it on the record. (b side for sure). Which is all good cause I have another tune that is more fitting waiting in the wings that I will record. It's called "where I lived" or "Spes mea". Unsure.

Lots of other great stuff happening. Kids with Money is going to begin work on our first ep in the winter. Right around the time that my new record will come out. And then hopefully a Kids ep will be done by spring.

Heres a pic of this bald manc twat that makes half decent music.

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