Tuesday, September 07, 2010

broken record

I'm starting to sound like a broken mp3 (modernized analogy) but I really think this record is special.

My usual record process is to write for 1.5 years and then record for a year or less than release.

This new album has just been flowing out of my mouth at a rapid rate. Tonight is a fine example. I just wrote a melody, chorus and all the lyrics to a new song in about 3 mins. I literally just sang out three consecutive verses. And they are significantly meaningful words.
I'm really beside myself here with this writing process. I really hope that I can make the tracking session go as well as the writing season has.

Another new song done tonight. It's actually the theme of a song I wrote two weeks ago but re tried as a new melody and such. Called, "a bird on the ground" 2.0.

Over the weened I spent some time just polishing the other tunes. Getting them all studio ready.

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