Thursday, September 30, 2010


i've been really busy lately. lots going on in the music world.  band practice, song edits, studio hardware testing/repairs.

also some big developments with the label, adding KIDS WITH MONEY and BRUEKKE to the fray, as well as a few meetings this week with two new artists.  So that has kept me swamped.

Although the songs are ready and im excited to record, it still came as a shock that the recording weekend is just a week away.  That has got me thrilled.  I can't wait to get working. But there is a lot that has to get done. I have to schedule some musicians/singers to drop by, I have to rent LOTS of equipment, borrow lots of stuff, schedule the songs, finish the songs, test the gear, set up the studio, plan the songs (tempo, key, arrangement). 

im stoked like a catch phrase.

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