Monday, September 27, 2010

the best

Hey followers,

I'm feeling really great right now. This fall is going to be a buffet of music for me and I'm bloody loving it.

I just had a band practice and it's feeling really good.
The band is called KIDS WITH MONEY.
It's jeff, steve and myself. Jeff plays banjo and guitars and organ and steve plays drums.
We've had some great sessions thus far.
This will be a separate project from my solo stuff and were getting some gigs already lined up for the fall. A short ep is due soon.

Some crazy things has also been happening with Other songs music co. We have signed a new band called Bruekke as well as kids with money. And im meeting with another band this wk as well.
The label has transformed from just an idea into the real deal. And some legitiment things are really happening and I couldn't be happier.

Also there's that thing of the recording session this oct for a new Scott Orr full length.

Love it.

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