Sunday, August 08, 2010

fall plans

hey guys, i started to set in motion a plan for the fall.
i'm thinking that i want to aim to record a record in the fall over the canadian thanksgiving weekend. i will likely turn the upstairs dining/living room into a studio (again) and work for four days straight tracking a record. the reason i think that time frame is viable is because i have had some great sucess with writing this summer, and if I can keep that up for the next 2 months, then I should have a good batch of songs to start a record with.

This process has been done before. If you see the pics below, this is what we did with pe-ro, we had them all come in over the course of Thanksgiving weekend 2009 and recorded their whole record. and it was by far one of the best times ever. Just a good laugh.

If I can plan this ahead of time, I will make sure that I have lots of great gear for the sessions as well as rent and borrow a ton of instruments (a new drum kit, some electrics, organs). And I will also try to get some great musician friends to come in and contribute.

This is all written in sand, so nothing is for sure. But today I had the idea and I want to aim towards that.

If I could get the entire foundation and framework of a new record done in one weekend, then I could spend the holidays finishing it all up and mixing it.

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