Sunday, August 22, 2010

bird on the ground

i worked on a new song tonight.  i had the idea for a song a day ago, and so I pressed on tonight to make something of it.  the song is called, "a bird on the ground" and it is kind of about not living life as well as you should be or not living up to people's expectations or something like that.  i don't really know what it's about. it's not my job to come up with the meanings of songs - that's your job.

the lyrics to this song are pretty good, considering the three verses came out rather quickly... the music feels fun and different, but maybe too simple and not trailblazing enough....
i don't know.

really my goal is just to have a bunch of finished songs (lyrics and music) and then let them take shape in the studio as that is where they should really become "songs".  Right now they are just music and lyrics that slightly fit together.   The emotion and the feeling of a song is birthed in the studio. 

on the other hand, that's no excuse to write bland, boring, gut-less songs... and im fearful sometimes that I fall into that.  I have to make sure im not just making a song so that Id have something to produce and record.

anyway, im looking forward to this thanksgiving session.  hope to have a big batch of songs to record. and it's looking like that will be the case.

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