Friday, June 18, 2010


Today was a remarkable day for writing. I would give the quantity a 9/10 and the quality a 7/10.

I wrote three different tunes.

The first was more of a jam. Where I recorded a nifty drum beat and then laid down some ideas on top of that. Some half decent ideas came but it was more production progress in that I have some neat procussion ideas.

The next song is hot. It's a two chord song with lyrics from a poem by the elephant man. It really moved me. Gonna be a swell peace.

The final tune was a nice piece I wrote late tonight and just kind of some cool ideas. Lots of lyrics written for this piece. "there's a seed inside my hand, there's a reason we plow the land". I really like that line.

I really want my writing to be stretched. So I'm really scrapping a lot of old-style writing techniques and trying to be so literal and clean cut. Trying to be more abstract so the listener can attach their own meanings.

Good times.
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