Friday, February 19, 2010

writing for an album

i wanted to share this process with you.

whenever an album is complete, there is a time after that album is out that you just let people listen to it and such, and you don't worry or even think about making another album. In fact, after 'Ghost Party', I didn't know if I would make another.

This Fall I started to play with the guitar again and start to make up some ideas. The process is this:

Some days/nights I sit down with the guitar and just riff an melody idea for a verse, chorus or bridge.. or I just sing a lyric over and over... I record it on my iPhone and then just store it on my computer. Over the course of 1-2 years of writing for an album that group of demo ideas can amass 200x 30 second audio clips. Every couple of months I will go through that group of demos and give the idea a rating out of 10. The 1-4's are usually just abandoned. The 6-8's are worked on a bit more to see if they have potential and then the 9&10's are saved for a time where I'm inspired to complete those songs - those songs usually show the most potential.

I uploaded this picture I saw from a college advertisement about creativity. This is the exact idea of writing for an album. I usually intend to write 100+ melody ideas > narrowed down to 25+ song ideas > narrowed down to 15-20 songs that are recorded for the album > narrowed down to 10-12 songs for the album.

This process assures that no stone has been left unturned. And just like this picture, I make a point to write at least a few dozen songs and song ideas so that I know my creativity has been pushed to the limit.

So here we are today. In my itunes demo folder I have 45 song ideas so far. Of that mix I have about 4-6 that have a 9+ rating and about a dozen or more with a 8 rating.

So we are in a good position for writing tunes.

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  1. that is very interesting. I really admire your dedication.
    Jason has told me to start writing again but this process overwhelms me. I think I'll stick to knitting for now. :) and listen to your songs.