Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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Like the new header?

Yesterday was busy again with more music.
I recorded some final acousic takes for this acoustic record. Made some huge progress on songs like; hurricane, danger, Laura Lynn and love is a dream and then I recorded a killer electric version of fourth of July. Not sure how that's going to fit on this acoustic record.
I also did ghost tracks for to be loved, other thoughts, going somewhere and that's it.
Also a really cool thing is that I wrote a new song for this project, tentatively called "no" and I really love this song!
Also planning on covering a pe_ro song on this record too.

Anyway i'm trying to get the tracking done tomorrow for this record because I have to take back some equipment and take down the studio.

Then late this wk and wkend I have to start mixing the pe_ro record.

I plan to mix this acoustic record in a few weeks.

Here is the BIGGEST NEWS EVAH!!!! Going to see WILCO tomorrow in Toronto !


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