Monday, October 12, 2009


It's late here. Finished a great day today. Another (third) big session with pero today. We are having a riot. Great tunes. Good times.

We tracked 3 or more tunes today and edits to a few others.

Then around 10pm I started recording some beds for my acoustic project. I did beds for; hurricane, love is a dream, wondergirl, and ghosts. Then I recorded the guitar parts for ghosts. It's mostly acoustic so it's pretty simple and tidy. I like it. Tomorrow I hope to do the rest of the beds and guitar traks for a few more tunes.

And then later tonight around 11:30, I went back to mixing the pe-ro record. Now it's wash face and bed at 1am. And then pe-ro is back here at 8am for day 3!


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