Sunday, September 27, 2009

on deck

I don't like publishing my dreams because if they don't come true then I feel like Im all talk. But what the heck balls, no one reads this anyway.

I've been writing a bit lately on the guitar. And they've been acoustic basic simple songs. Decent pieces. Anyway, between oct 6-oct 16 my upstairs living room is being transformed into a big open concept loft studio for a major longweekend session with the band pero (formerly pirogue). So that means during the week days it will be open.

I'd like to take advantage to having a new space and I really want to record a few tunes in there.
So my goals are as follows;
Ths week: write and finish the new tunes
Next week: set up tracks for recording (timing,key,structure)
Followng week: set up studio and record pero
Following week: record these new tunes
Late this year: release these tunes someway and somehow

Anyway. This is all just a dream, but it woud be really sweet if it all happened. But it all comes down to having the tunes to record.


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