Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A New Review from HERO HILL

Love these guys;

When I talked about Scott Orr’s last release – Miles From Today – I made a casual mention that on Wondergirl, Orr’s self doubt made you wonder if he thought even his best would eventually fall short. At the time, it was specific to that song, but after listening to Ghost Party (which you can download for free right here), it’s also a fitting metaphor for his song writing.

Listening to that record now, it feels like Orr put everything he had into perfecting the songs, worried that any note that wasn’t pitch perfect would be an admission that his music wasn’t worth your time. MFT was a collection of crisp, well thought out representations of Orr’s emotions tinkered with until they were as perfect Orr could make them. Ghost Party, on the other hand, shows Orr removing any of the unnecessary polish from the songs.

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