Sunday, August 30, 2009

a list to sort through

to kill time...

i'm going to post a bunch of best of lists this year, as i do every year.

i will do top ten songs of the year and top ten albums of the year
that's the staple.

however, I think im also going to do top ten artists of the decade, top ten songs of the decade and top ten albums...

i really don't think i can do top ten songs of the decade, because that is just ridiculous to narrow down a half million songs to just ten...

but i will do top ten songs of the year... and from what has released halfway through the year already.. here are some contenders that will be battling it out to be on the list... check some of these songs out on itunes... you will like...

"you never know" - wilco
"one wing" - wilco
"on her own" - ben kweller
"seriously" - crosby loggins
"and we will be saved" - doug burr
"two weeks" - grizzly bear
"while we wait for the others" - grizzly bear
"message from london" - hayden
"hills of greenmoor" - James Yorkston
"to ohio" - The low anthem
"my girls" - animal collective
"via dolorosa" - leeland
"closer to love" - mat kearney
"maybe so, maybe no" - Mayer Hawthorne
"We are golden" - Mika
"for once in my life" - Megan Joy
"blue skies" - noah and the whale
"black tables" - other lives
"little secrets" - passion pit
"to kingdom come" - passion pit
"lisztomania" - phoenix
"1901" - phoenix
"snowstorm" - scott orr
"magnificent" - u2
"moment of surrender" - u2
"some trees" - cymbals eat guitars
"my sweet lord" - yim yames
"empire state of mind" - jay z
"rave on" - m.ward

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