Tuesday, July 07, 2009


so things with "ghost party" are going well... i'm looking forward to the iTunes release, then another letter will go out and then i can sit back and just watch the cash start rolling in.
ha. not really.

you want to know what's crazy? i've been demoing a ton of songs lately. pretty good ones too. i just get an idea and record it on my iphone and save it in a folder. usually when im in the mood to make a record or record a song, i can go to the pile of demos and pick one out and make it into a full song, that's how shine the light, ghosts, in between and heavy were all written.

anyway, im excited about what i can make next. and i want to do something slightly different... i can see the future a little bit and soon I will just be doing digital downloads.

im looking to start a label with some friends and maybe get distribution rights with iTunes so that I can get checks from iTunes directly and make faster use of that service.

anyway, the good thing about digital albums is you can release EPs (or full lengths) faster and more often with less fanfare...

anyway, please go buy Ghost Party so I can make more records.


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