Thursday, June 18, 2009

i'm tired

this has been a tough process.

the record has been done for ages, but the admin of printing jackets, online order forms, pre-order systems, shippings, cd pressing, mastering, sequencing, proofing, payments, and more have been killer on my soul.

this is the price of being your own record label. usually this kind of stuff gets taken care of by the label. so when the album is done by an artist, that artist just stays in artist mode and goes on the road to promote the cd. for me, i have had to play the roll of negotiator, promoter, designer, accountant, editor, mixer, and musician.

i am tired.

if all goes well, tomorrow will be the last day i have to really think about this record and I can just let it flow into your hands.

if all goes well, tomorrow you will be buying the CD and then downloading an instant copy of that full finished mastered CD, and then you will love me and I will love you.

"phew, for a minute there, i lost myself..."

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