Friday, June 12, 2009

the dirty dozen idea

a few months ago i told you i was releasing a free digital "greatest hits" album called "a dozen songs" that was in order to give out to people to help promote the not-so-iminent release of what was then untitled, "ghost party". Well, "ghost party" finished sooner then planned so I didn't have time to launch a "get-to-know-scott-orr" campaign around the "dozen songs" project. so I shelved it.

but I still want to do it.

so, what I think I might do, after the release of "ghost party" this spring, I might record an acoustic "greatest hits" album in the fall for a late fall iTunes only release. I think I'd like to take a guitar and set up a mini-recording session in a big church or old house and just record live-off-the-floor about a dozen of my best tunes and make a digital release out of it.

good idea?

i think so.

late fall.

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