Friday, April 24, 2009

holy crap holy crap

one of the worst things you can do whilst getting your record ready to be mastered is to write a new song.

tonight i accidentally wrote a new song. this song was undoubtedly a gift from God.

the song is called "to be loved". i can beyond a shadow of a doubt tell you this is the best thing i've ever written. ever. period. im sure ive cried wolf on that line a few times during the making of this record, but i want to go back and unsay those and say it now.

the song is simple, and quiet. but it just came together peacefully. it was written in about a half hour and then i took it to the studio to start tracking it. it's a peaceful piece. i have some great ideas to make it a great album closer.

i'm really happy and i love when this happens. i'm so glad it didn't happen much later then this. but i'm glad it did now.

the good news for you listeners, is that I won't be cutting anything to fit this on the record, I will just bump up the song list to 12 songs. EDIT: sorry, that's actually not 100 percent true... i think I might cut a song for it... i want the album to be short... for reasons ill explain one day... but i want to trim the fat... so i might have to cut, "come rain or shine"...

the song is called, "to be loved" ... and I'm going to die for you folks to hear it.

thanks for reading and listening...

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