Friday, April 17, 2009

back in

Tonight I went back in the studio to record a quick fun liveish version of a new song called "thank you very much" which is for a free ep I'm putting together to prempt the record.

Other exciting news is that I should be getting a copy of the new film "luxury liner" in the mail soon. The film has selected a few of my songs to use as well as a song written specifically for the film called, "through the cracks", which might appear on the previously mentioned ep. I will post more details about the film and where to see it, etc next week!

I'm having some peeps in to track a few more things for the record this weekend and then I will mixdown the final mixes to be mastered early next week and I'll get the ball rolling on mastering and manufacturing. I'm anxious to get this done and released while it's still warm from the oven.

One of the reasons I haven't given a release date yet is because Im planning for late June cause I know I can have it out by then, but if things move quickly I can try to have it done and out by early June or even late may. But who knows.

Another note, I watched a rad free documentary about conor orbest and the mystic valley band. It was a great and free. It's called, "one of my kind" and with some googling you too could be enjoying it, for free.

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