Saturday, April 18, 2009

america needs this

last night was a busy night in the studio.

late evening evan and eric from the pirogue (i give up on spelling that) band came over to do a long overdue session on their record.

first off evan recorded some bgvs for my song called, "heavy". then both evan and eric, as well as myself, recorded some group vocals and claps for another one of my songs called, "shine the light". this is the last of any tracking that needs to be done for my record. Thankfully.

I will be mixing those songs Sunday afternoon likely.

Anyway, then after doing those tracks for me, we started work on 2 of their songs. I really love this band, the tunes are really great, really relevant music. It's the first project I've been a part of that I find myself listening to on my ipod as if it were some great band i found on the internet.

we had a blast recording and made some sweet tunes.

well today is saturday and i bought a really expensive shaker for the studio. it's so sensitive - that's why it was expensive. it's sensitive in the way that small movements get a good shake sound, not in the way that it gets offended when you don't use it.

late tonight pirogue is coming over again to finish a song we started last night of theirs called, "home".

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