Thursday, March 26, 2009

work out evening

before i brief you on the night, here are some pics from the thursday night session;

started late thursday night in the studio for a mixing session.

i first mixed a (hopefully) final mix of "listen to my heart" and "come rain or shine".

this went well.

then i started to mix 'heavy', which is not done, because hopefully this weekend we will get some bgvs added to it.
it was a cool night mixing this song, because I haven't been fully thrilled with the way it has come out... it has seemed choppy and out of sorts. there was a really weak intro and then a bridge that didn't fit. so i cut the intro right out and i added some keane-ish organs through a guitar amp in the bridge and outro. plus i added to different banjo parts to the outro that makes for a cool sound.
another big thing i did was take out an acoustic part that was really traditional and kind of drag the song on. so i played this crunchy punk rock style of acoustic struming, but very soft - that doesn't make sense, so forget it. you'll hear it soon.
anyway, now the song is really starting to feel good. i can't wait to get the bgvs in, that will make all the difference in the world.

thanks for reading, here is a video of a banjo part that is in the song...

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