Tuesday, March 10, 2009

stay with it

that's a great lesson. just to stick with it. it may be a hard labour, but when it comes out - you're going to love it.

i worked a lot yesterday and the day before on various versions of "heavy on me". it was very depressing. because i didn't like anything that was being recorded. i was actually on like my 5th version of the song.

finally, i kept adding and taking away instruments and trying new things and nothing was working.

so i scratched it all and started from scratch (AGAIN!!) and went back to the basics of the song. i sat down in front of three mics with my guitar and recorded the song live off the floor - a perfect take in one go.
it was really something special.
so i stayed up till 2 am last night adding a few subtle instruments; electric, percussion, bgvs, piano and bass.

i was tempted to think that I would never be able to include this song on the record until I went back to basics and got this great take. it really made me happy.

so tonight i have to do some more editing to the song - but it's nearly done.

what a great feeling. and the feel of the song has totally changed, and is much more mellow.

one day i will have to show you all the different passes at this song.

some iPhone pics from last night posted above!

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