Sunday, March 15, 2009

a picture of me

here is a picture of me smiling at the camera, in order to show you the car salesman aspect of myself in the studio.

let's move on.

anyway, today something crazy happened. i wrote a pretty good song.
it's frustrating at this point in the recording process to write a good song, cause then you got to break from editing to record this new song and see if it has any merit on the record.

so i started tracking this new tune today and it's pretty cool, but it's going to require some deep production thinking in the studio here to get it to come off right.

its a song about music, and its a great record opener, but i gotta get it recorded perfectly first.

so hang on to your hats.

anyway, this song took up the whole day today, so i didn't get a chance to work on other tunes.

here is a pic of a guitar amp, i needed to save the settings for a great electric i took this shot on my phone.

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