Wednesday, March 25, 2009

notes on a day

Today was great. Ben came over today and recorded some knock out backgrund vocals for 'snowstorm'. We took two takes of the vocals and played them at the same time one in each ear. It sounds outstanding I love that guys vocals. He sang on 'dreamer' on the last record.

And after he left I wanted to add some more strength to the instrumentation on the last chorus and so I discovered a really nice electric part.

Overall this song really got it's own legs today and now it is done!! It will be the single. To be released in a month or so.

Later this evening I did some final mixes to "in between" and "ghosts". They sound cool.

Also, today I forgot to grab the camera and show some pics of ben in the studio so instead I posted some pics of my note book that I use to write edits while I listen to the mixes back.

Just a few more last edits and updates on the record.

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