Wednesday, March 11, 2009

it pays to work hard

"heavy on me/51" has come a long way over the last few weeks. as you've read on here for the last few days, it has been a hard labor for me.

finally today it has reached the place where it was always meant to be. it is a quiet organ-heavy song that just flows with some cool harmonies. the light production is deep and airy. a low floor tom hit on beat with a wood block on the off beat. the electric gibson sings subtly on the intro and bridge all while the acoustic takes a back seat playing softly throughout the whole song.

its great to have it done and it pays to work hard. if i had stuck with the 1st, 2nd or 5th attempt at the song, then I would have had a song on my record that I wasn't happy with. Now, I don't. I have another song to add to the bunch that I am proud of and love equally with all the rest.

now, i have to get some bgvs recorded by some other folks, and also a photoshoot is now being planned.

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