Sunday, March 08, 2009

a heavy song

been hard at work all day today on the last song, "heavy on me".

i started recording it by tracking a live off the floor take in a simple folk acoustic rhythm.

then i added some other instruments, and then thought about adding drums. i sat down at the kit and recorded this rad off beat shuffle. it didn't fit with the current version of the song - so i scrapped the song and started over using that new shuffle beat as the backbone of the song.

once i started building on that new beat i was able to do some wicked stuff with the different instruments in this song that had never dawned on me before - because i was playing it in such a different way.

one of the cool things that happened tonight, was when my buddy cam left his Gibson special here and i picked it up to see how it would sound on the electric takes. WOW! it sounds way better then the fat body epiphone or the twangy telecaster. i love the sound. it's a very gutsy thick wilco sound.

that electric riff and sound was the highlight of the new version of this song.

the cool drum beat if very close to the shuffle used on "you and i alone" on the previous record. it is a drum beat that i learned from a great drummer here in the city named Danny Lockwood. He played on the 3 SONGS Ep.

the above picture(s) is me at the piano with 3 mics and the other pic is me rockin cam's gibson special (which he's not getting back).

this is shaping up to be a really great song.

i've been away from this new record project for a week now due to some personal reasons - and i kinda forget what the whole thing sounds like - so i hope this new tune fits in there well.


(pics being added soon)

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