Thursday, February 26, 2009

this record

I gotta be sincere.

I know every artist says that their latest work is thier best. But you HAVE to believe me when I say that this album is really the bestest project I've done. I think for a few reasons I feel this way.

1. It has come together so fast that it makes it feel really right and exciting. It's been mainly jan and feb of this year that the record was recorded.

2. Some of the songs are pretty far departures from previous efforts. My friend said to me once of the song "I love to be alone", that it sounded like Scott Orr. Well there are a few songs on here that really don't sound like Scott Orr. And the ones that do, are a familiar style but presented in a new way.

3. The lyrics are the most personal and important then I've ever written. Period !! There are no fluffy love songs on here. Just two love songs out of 11 songs and they are about friendship and commitment really. The other songs are really meaty lyrically. A few song topics are; daily pain, death, social responsibility, heaven, growing old, social narrative, life dreams. It sounds like a week of oprah when u write it out like that but u assure you it's easier to swallow.

3. The music is so carefree. It is a very rough around the edges production style. Lots of jam band style live sound. A la wilco or u2. I didn't waste any time on making a instrument sound professional. I worried more about getting a raw and personal emotion across through the production and songs.

I hope you guys like it as much as I am right now. And I hope it wins lots of awards.


This weekend I start work on the last song to be recorded for the record, "heavy on me".

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