Thursday, February 05, 2009

shine your light on the session last night.

a great session last night started around 6pm. i did 90% of the initial tracking for the new song, "shine the light on me".

I basically tracked a bunch of instruments, a tonne of percussion tracks, a few guitars, piano, vocals, bgvs, organ, banjo... and then I sat back and started to mix it.

i got a pretty cool basic sound for the song by muting most of the tracks and leaving in just one guitar and all the percussion and then slowly building in the rest.

it's taking a good form so far. really nice. this would be an album closer, likely.

some pics from last night. i did the vocals really bundled up last night because i was very cold in the studio and perhaps getting a fever.

also the light photo is very appropriate for the song title.

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