Monday, February 09, 2009

fast fast fast

today was a hugely productive day.

i started tracking the ghost tracks for my newest song called, "get by/behind you" (not sure the title yet)

and then the major things to happen was that i made some great headway on writing for two of the last songs on the record. "it's all in between" and "heavy on me". These are songs that have been in the process of writing for a while. "it's all in between" was actually the first song i wrote after finishing 'miles from today' and i just had it in demo form for a long time, since 2007, and i finally finished the song today. so that was a huge accomplishment for me and I really like the lyrics, and im happy that this song found it's way. The other tune is a song from back in November that was half written and demoed and i knew it was something special because it is really different as a scott orr song. so I finished another verse i needed and just the layout of the song.

so as for writing (minus a few edits) is done for this record. tracking will be speedy.

i could see primary tracking to be done this month.

no kidding ... fo realzzz................!

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