Wednesday, February 25, 2009

another late night

even after i blogged yesterday about the electric guitar work i did in the early evening, i got back into the studio after 10pm and stayed there till just after 1am.

i quickly mixed some hand claps on "all in between" that we did with my buddies
then i added some electric and acoustic solos to "shine the light"
then i was fooling around with the acoustic guitar on "shine the light" and I had a great idea to record the newest song, "i'm right behind you" live off the floor. so i did that, and luckily got through with a near-perfect take and decided to keep it with it's few subtle errors and all. then i stayed up late adding piano, xylophone, bass, more guitars to that piece. i really love this tune. very unlike anything ive done before. if anything it has a lonesometown feel to it.

so i still have lots of editing and re-tracking to do on all the songs, but essentially i have 10 songs done for the record.

every night after a late session i lay in bed and listen to the work i just did on my ipod. and i have to say - and every artist says this - but i know this is the best record i have ever made.

almost done.

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