Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I've really started from scratch on this new sessions for the new record.

As you know, and have read about on these blog pages, I was recording heavily last spring for a new record. Well, since then, some songs appeared on "NORTHERN LIGHTS" EP and one or two might be on the new record, but all the rest have been shelved. I just think that was a great time in recording and it was fun, but nothing really excellent came out of those sessions.

But I really like the feel of the songs that are coming out of these sessions I am doing now. Very acoustic and organic feeling. A sound that I have always tried for.

A few techniques for recording I've been using lately has been to just go into the studio with a sound or a feeling in my head that I want to create and then go in there and make/write/record a song that captures that feeling.

that's what I did with a new song called "Take Today Away" and it really worked well.

I want to have a new record done. That's my goal. I am determined. For now.

Maybe this painting that my great grandfather painted should be the album cover? Yeah, I think that's a good idea.

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