Saturday, September 20, 2008

a couple of things i did this week

good morning.

i did a couple of things over the course of a few days that are really improving the new EP.

Lights of The Northern Sky.

I have really loved this tune from the beginning when I played it at a show in the summer with the band. Its a personal song with a lot of lyrics. Anyway, I recorded it this summer for this EP (and the future full length) and I've been listening to it ever since and something hasn't been sitting right with me. So just late last week I decided to re-record the whole thing, starting from scratch, but record it in a key 4 or 5 tones lower. It turned out to be the best decision ever because it really sounds nice now. Very clean and a lot more simple. So I am thankful that I didn't just settle with something that I wasn't happy about.

Just A Little Bit

So over the course of the last 4 weeks I have been struggling with which song to use as a closer on the EP. I have had a tune called "wish i had someone to love" that seemed appropriate, but I didn't think it was THE BEST that I could do. So every so often over the last while, I have went in the studio trying to write and search for some tune to put at the end of the EP. So last night around 6pm, I found this song I had written in the winter called, "Just a little bit" and I just LITERALLY pressed record, sang into one mic and plucked my electric and did the song. Then I added piano, drums, tamborine, bass, electrics, acoustic, shaker, organ and anything else I could find. It turned out to be this full band rocking closer song that fits so well at the end of the record. It's a tune about traveling.

Anyway, I really am loving how this whole 7 song EP has a very consistant sound on each song. I really think your going to like it.

I still have to re-mix and do edits on every song, but initial tracking is done, and the track list should be released this week.

New song and album cover appears on this monday.


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