Thursday, September 18, 2008

finished 'pocket of grace'

ive pretty much finished 'pocket of grace' last night. although i want to re-do the vocals.. and a slight chance of some bgvocals.

its one of my favorite tunes ive ever written/recorded. i cant wait to show it to you.

"I want to be alone" will be the first single on myspace and on the website stream next week. But this new tune "in the pocket of grace and in the mood" will hopefully be released as a free mp3 to a select participating media websites.

I recorded this great piano piece for "pocket of grace" last night. My friend Larry, who has been in the studio several times told me of a story when they put thumb tacks on the mallets of a piano so that it sounded like an old saloon piano. So I did that last night and then put a mic right inside of the body of the piano and it made it sound like a saloon piano and a bit of a harpsichord. Really great sound. I dig that song. I really do.

Looking forward to sharing. The EP will be all finished and sent for distro by late next week!


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