Tuesday, September 23, 2008


the ep is done tonight. burning it to cd to listen for final master edit. then being shipped on wednesday.

im glad its done. but now i realize that it's not very good. it's too poppy.
there are two songs on it that will likely be on the next full length record, "northern sky" and "pocket of grace" other than that, these tunes, just seem too hyper for me. i hope you do like it and prove me wrong, but i just wanted to try out a few styles.

im excited about releasing a full length this summer/fall. I think it will be the best ever. some great tunes that are done and being saved for it... the best tune i have ever written, "danger" and hen another great tune, "going to listen to my heart"... "caught in my dreams" and "come rain or shine" are some killer tunes too.... man im excited for that full length....

this upcoming ep... is just a taster of what's to come on the new full length.

its going to be swell.

anyway, the EP is pretty good... i like it some days and some days im just wanting to get it out there and prep for the next REAL release.

ill probably regret saying all this... cause i really do love this EP.... it has a really unique feel to it.


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