Wednesday, August 20, 2008


today was a blast as I finished up last nights work of recording the song, "to be or not to be alone".

really cool things happening in the song, and it has kind of a normal acoustic mood to it with a old school 30's cinema soundtrack feel to the bridge.

Anyway, progress is coming along... still some other recordings to finish, naming the EP, the cover is done(ish) and i have been mixing and mastering it already.

tentative track listing should appear as follows;

could have loved
to be or not to be alone
when a pretty girl dances
the girl with wheels on her feet
lights of the northern sky
wish i had someone to love

however, this changes all the time

thanks for stopping by

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  1. It's been a while Scott. Hoping you're good. Having seen it evolve we're much anticipating the new EP.
    Looking forward.
    Stay well.