Sunday, August 03, 2008

a new song called "to be alone"

actually I might call it "to be or not to be alone"
Anyway I wrote a new song over these last few days
It has mellow acousic pop folk feel to it
I'm really digging it
I think it will fit real swell on this proposed EP that I'm hoping to have out this fall

A little more on this ep...

I have about six or seven tunes that have come out of these spring / summer sessioNs
Some of the songs on the ep will also be on the next full length
And the rest will just find a welcoming home on this ep for now

The reality is that I just don't see a full length coming together any time soon
I have enough songs for one. But I don't think it's good enough
Perhaps a few eps might be better suited for these songs

Anyway I'm not married to anything I say here so don't hold it to me tomorrow morning
I'm just e-brainstorming

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