Thursday, July 31, 2008

what is an e.p.?

things are buzzing around my head like flies lately. as i am close to firming up plans for an ep to be released in October. iTunes Worldwide only.

still in working stages... the reason is that i don't see a new record being DONE in 2008 and then after mastering, packaging, promoing and release, it probably won't be till spring or summer '09 for a new record.

but i got some new stuff done and don't want anybody to forget about the old s dot o dot...

so, that's what that is.

also, for those of you who don't know about nuttin'. an "EP" is short for extended play, which is confusing because it is used to identify an album with 8 or less songs... therefore not considered a full length release.

anyway, this new EP will include all originals and unreleased tunes, some that will be on the next album and some that won't. (and maybe a REAL video to accompany one of the tunes - fingers crossing themselves at the moment)

the artwork is near done. and im picking tunes and mixing them these days. it all has to be done and submitted to steve jobs for early september.

stick around for at least another few months... thanks.


"music saved david letterman's life"

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