Friday, July 11, 2008

update, of course

sorry for my lack of updates lately folks.

don't think that i haven't been busy plugging away.

ive spent most of the week working on "lights of the northern sky", it has been coming together quite well - but still a long way off. I have added a tonne of new instruments and just trying what works.

A few days ago I finished the lyrics for a song called, "This Always Happens to Me", which is a "sweet" song. I like it. Lyrics are simple and human-like.

Also, I was banging some mallets on a wicker chair and got a good beat for a song called, "tracks". So I opened up that session and recorded 2 tracks of me hitting this chair to death. And then I recorded some new shaker parts and then a wicked awesome rough drum beat that might get some of you thinking, "is this hip hop". it is so rad and so far from anything ive done before - it's really exciting.

So although, I haven't been blogging - I have been working hard. And as each week goes by, we are getting closer and closer to finishing a great record.

Also, I think I may have found an album title.... but more on that another day... (ps. that's not the title - i just am not going to tell you right now...)


scott orr
"music saved my life"

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