Wednesday, June 11, 2008

in comparison

im listening to Miles from Today right now. It has been some time since i have heard this record. I am listening to my voice and I'm thinking how quiet and timid the voice sounds and Im thinking about the kind of vocals Ive been singing on this new record. I feel like there is a definite difference in the vocals on these new recordings then from "miles from today". i think im not holding back or being as timid because on "miles.." i had a little more to prove and I was trying to make a "perfect" record with vocals and instruments that sounded professional and intentional. Actually the word "intentional" was the theme of "Miles from Today".

Anyway, I feel I have really been opening up on this new record and taking more chances on a production side of things.

I am nervous to think of how different it might sound from "miles from today" and how that will be accepted.. but then I realized it's pretty natural to have changed/grown.. because most of these songs on "miles from today" (wondergirl, other thoughts, don't want to see that again, dreamer, hurricane, etc) were all recorded in the summer and fall of 2006. And that's a long time ago. I've had tonnes of experiences, growth periods and musical influences come along since then.

xo, -scott

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