Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Making progress not war

hi readers

I'm lying in bed late at night here in the hot city
and I was just listening to a few tracks that are finished
"come rain or shine" which is a slow quiet tune. Its about a little girl that died. And the melody is very unlike anything I've done
it gave me goose bumps tonight
"I'm going to listen to my heart" was re edited and remixed and its another one of myfavs
its a long song. But i think its okay as is. Great drums in this tune
"caught in my dreams" is my biggest favorite and the flagship song on this record
As Soon as it was recorded, all songs after It were compared to this one
I love the procusson and the guitar riff

I'm really excited about this record
I feel it to be the strongest group of songs I have ever done

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