Sunday, June 15, 2008

Be interesting

the word interesting is a word that has been echoing in my head over and over again while making this new record
without bashing my previous work, I tend to see MFT has a mellow "boring" album. I like the idea that it makes for good backporch or background music. But my ambition for this next record is to be interesting in the sense that a song will stand out as something you want to hear again.
That's why on this record I an taking more chances and trying to be brave and do things that are uncomfortable and unusual from the way I've done stuff before

The result thus far have been so thrilling

I love pushing myself to write better lyrics and different meodies and dfferemt progressions

I think I will write those two words on large paper ad put them up in the studio

"be interesting" "be courageous"

Its a call for me not to repeat or rehash old styles or comfortable themes and song types

I dont think anything new,exciting or innovative was ever discovered by being conservative and not taking any chances

Well anyway I've been taking chances all week with some new tunes, this has been the most stress free and exxlcitnt writing /recording sessions I've ever had

Thanks for letting me share it with you and thanks for reading

This should be another productive week
stay in touch

"music saved my life"

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