Monday, May 26, 2008

Side Panel Song Status

If you've noticed, the songs in production are listed on the right hand side of this blog...

"SONGS IN EARLY WRITING STAGES" are songs that a melody or a few lyrics have been thought up and I am now working on to complete into a recordable, sing-a-long-able song.

"SONGS IN PRODUCTION" are songs that have been written completely and are now being recorded. Therefore, there is no current final mix, some instruments have been recorded, but the overall track is still incomplete.

"SONGS COMPLETED" are songs that all the principle tracking has been completed and now I am just listening to various mixes. Obviously, even these songs that are called, "completed" are far from it, as usually some instruments are re-recorded, or new instruments are added as well as vocals and mixing is still often reviewed.

Well there ya have it.

That side panal gets updated very often... so keep an eye on it.


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