Tuesday, May 27, 2008

just a beautiful session tonight

had a great session monday evening at 9pm eastern time.

i wrote (half wrote) two songs, "i'm in a cult" and "sweet river"

i think i might have just wrote the best song of my life. seriously... i could hear choirs singing in the studio with me when i wrote "sweet river", it was majestic... I can't wait to finish these songs (as they sort of go together, pretty much two songs in one) and start to record them...

this feels really great... i just hope i can do it just it on record... i hope...

**UPDATE** So, i spent some more time jamming around in the studio... and writing some more tunes, now it's midnight, and I just wrote a cool tune called, "Bored in the City of Love" and then another gem appeared... probably the BEST tune i've written for this album yet, "famous old love". Been working on this concept, but had a huge break through tonight...

All in all a stellar writing session tonight that brings the record ahead a whole lot further!!

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