Monday, May 05, 2008


a new record has officially begun.

wow, what fun. i can't believe im writing this months-years earlier then i thought i would have. I really thought id start production on a new record in '09. but here i am, and a few songs have already been laid. and they are sounding terrific. i am so happy, i have found a sound. and that sound is concrete baby. no, really, it's concrete. i started tracking some electric amp in a basement room that we are remodelling, and i found a loose open air sound that is so brilliant! so I brought, vocals, procussion and now drums out there and the sound is exhillerating. A song was record near completion entirely out there, called, "CAUGHT IN MY DREAMS". So more will be done this week. Progress.

I feel great - a great new sound has given me a new outlook on things, and inspiring me to write a lot more. very excited.

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  1. I'm looking forward to hearing the new sound that comes from the large expanse at the bottom of the stairs.