Wednesday, April 09, 2008

miles from "miles from today"

i think posting that clip of "coming back" yesterday was a really good thing to do. Because it made me critique it harder, knowing that people were hearing it, and I realized it is not good and not the sound I want for the next record.

You see, I think it sounds like a bad b-side of Miles from Today. I don't want the next record to sound like 'Miles', I want it to have it's own new sound. Like a road trip, even though that road trip was great, you want the next one to be different and exciting in a newfound way.

So there are a few ways im thinking about recording a record that would separate sounds from the 2007 sound of recording. That includes either, not recording at my studio, using different instruments, not using instruments that were used on Miles, ie; out of tune piano, current drum kit set up, electric hollow body, etc...
Also, perhaps just a whole different instrumentation set-up - just an acoustic record, just an acoustic and cello record, all electric guitar record, a acoustic and piano record...

this is where the fun comes in. i really enjoy this challenge. i like not being satisfied.

anyway, so that version of 'coming back' should be a far cry of what my next record will sound like.

and so this is a journal of that process.

stay tuned... as a musician says to his guitar...

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