Thursday, April 24, 2008

lonesometown revisited

so a few days ago i posted about a possible re-issue of Lonesometown.

heres whats going on;

when lonesometown came out in 2006 - it was not released digitally on iTunes (other outlets) due to a couple of reasons
1) it was harder back then to get on iTunes and I released Lonesometown on my own, therefore the challenge was greater
2) it had three cover tunes on it (cheating heart, my jesus, keep on the sunny side) and I would have to acquire and pay major licensing fees to put them up on iTunes.

So, now that iTunes (and the like) are here to stay. (Even grandparents have iTunes!) I have decided to work on getting "Lonesometown" up for sale digitally.

But that means the current track listing has to be re-worked.

Now that we are reopening the digital files to put up on iTunes and while cutting some tracks we will be doing the following:

Removing "My Jesus I Love Thee", "Keep on The Sunny Side" and "Your Cheatin' Heart" and replacing them with 3 brand new unreleased songs that were written (partially recorded) during the Lonesometown sessions (2005 & 2006).
Right now the songs considered for inclusion are; "My Old Church", "Earlybird" and "Caught in My Dreams".

So I am in the studio for the next few weeks re-mastering and mixing the old lonesometown songs. And I will also do some additional tracking for some of those songs, "Fourth of July" has already gotten some new guitar parts, "Laura Lynn" may get some new bgv's. And so on. As well as I am in the studio very often recording those new songs live off the floor.

I'm really excited about this! This has been getting my mojo working?@!?

the Lonesometown re-issue should be released (digitally only) July 1st, 2008.

That is the tentative date.


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