Thursday, March 27, 2008

the next record model

ive been thinking a lot about the next record. in fact, i hope to write a bunch this spring and summer and just continue to work in the studio during the summer on writing and recording. Im already ready to go in and re-record 2 songs, "Come on Love" and "Coming Back". I also have a new tune done that I want to re-work called, "Don't Remember My Name". It's fun to try some new things and get new sounds. I plan for a more southern rock sound, less the acoustic mellow sound of "miles". But who knows? That could all change in due time.

I have been thinking a lot about how I would want to present my next album. I love the system that went through for 'Miles'. I like that we had the core fans pay for the album production ($20each) and then sold it for a few months at various online places; the .com, iTunes, CD baby, Amazon. Those places allowed for the album to be fully paid for. I never made a profit on the records I do. Never. But it's safe to say that with all the pre-orders and the online purchases from August till now has safely covered the costs of making the record.

All of that financial support has allowed me to give away the record for free online for the last 6 months. Close to 3000 times the album was downloaded. My hope is that a portion of those 3000 people enjoyed the album enough to stay in touch and to semi-anticipate/appreciate the next album. Which is ironic because the people who funded (bought pre-orders) Miles From Today were the people who downloaded, Lonesometown for free back in 2006. That is the wheel of fan-supported artists.

So I could see me taking that route again for the next record. Having the new and old fans financially support the pre-proudction of the record ($15 preorder) and then selling it to new and old fans over a few month period. And then giving it away again for free. If I get a thousand new fans each record... I can expect to have a fan base of over 1 Million fans, after I release my 1000th record!

But seriously... I am also reviewing the latest RADIOHEAD release model. Perhaps, I would sell the spots in the liner notes again for the pre-order financial supporters. Then the day the album comes out, I would sell it for "PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN" (ie. $0 - $1000). People could pay what they thought it was worth to them. Maybe, the people who pay from $0 - $5 get a digital download of the album, for those that pay $6 + get a physical and digital copy of the album.

Anyway, these are some models that I am thinking about. But first I have to have songs - and have those songs recorded before I can worry about getting sold.

Post your comments on what you think would be an ideal system for getting records in the hands of music lovers.

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