Friday, December 21, 2007

Books Ongoing

I have begun to try to read one book per week for 2008.  Before an
ambitious attempt would commence in January, I started in November to see if
this was feasible.  It turns out to be a lot of fun.  Here are the
victims of  by reading endeavors.  I recommend anything I've read.


4hr Work Week - Timothy Ferriss

Essentially a
decent book that shows you multiple areas of your personal and business
life that will help you shave off unnecessary time consuming tasks and
allow more time in your day/work week for whatever you please.  I
have applied a lot of his recommendations, such as; not watching,
listening or reading any news sources. Tim suggests that if you are
meant to hear a news story - someone will tell you before it's too late. 
This has been true.  The stories that were important to hear
(highway closures, impending storms) I heard right away.  And I
steered clear of irrelevant stories (Britney Spears related), allowing
that time to be used for whatever else I decided to do.


The Wal-Mart Effect - Charles Fishman

If you
wish to know anything about how and why today's (and tomorrow's) retail
world operates, then this is a must-read. 


Start Small, Finish Big - Fred DeLuca

I started
reading this book a year ago.  I just picked it up again.  It
is a good read if you have an entrepreneurial spirit.  But it is
mainly a book of other business stories.  I found it to be a fairly
light read that left little impact on me. 


A Walk in the Woods - Bill Bryson

A terrific
book!  A story of a journalist who tried to walk the Appalachian
trail in full.  A humorous and informative outdoor adventure! This
is a must read if you are a human!  Great book!


Mawson's Will - Edmund Sir Hillary

This is the
story of Douglas Mawson who discovered most of Antarctica in the early
20th Century.  An exciting read thus far (just started a few days
ago). It is nice to read of men freezing to death whilst you are
underneath dry and warm covers. 


The Starbucks Experience - Joseph A. Michelli

If you are currently a business owner or an executive, this is a
valuable tool to inspire us to turn ordinary into extraordinary.  A
short and quick read.


Anchored in Love - John Carter Cash

heart-warming biography of Johnny Cash's wife, June Carter Cash.  A
book that puts the deserving spotlight on a woman who lived most of her
life in the shadows of an icon.


These have been very rewarding reads.  I am excited to conquer the books
I have coming from eBay and that I just got from the library.  I also have
others in my library that have yet to be read.  Also, there is currently an
intriguing amount (seven) of book-shaped presents under the Christmas tree.

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