Monday, November 26, 2007


I will be soon publishing my year end list of Best of Music for 2007.

Get ready! I am super duper excited for this one. I can easily say this has been my BEST music year of my life. There I said it. I think maybe, although 2002 was great as well! But really, I have heard some splendid new albums this year as well as I have discovered some old albums that I never had heard and they became instant classics for me.

I want to touch on those right now. These are not albums that released in 2007. But they are albums that I bought in 2007 and they have proven to be the most life-altering albums I have ever purchased.

The two albums that I would pretty much consider the best of the year that didn't release this year are the following.

1. Jayhawks - Rainy Day Music. It was in May that I went to my favorite destination, CHEAPIES CD SHOP in the downtown. I found the Jayhawks CD for $6.99. It was in the discount bin, used. So I picked it up and decieded to buy it because I had heard that they Jayhawks were great and the album was prodcued by Rick Rubin and Ethan Johns. My favorite two producers in the whole world. It was spring, revisiting this album right now as I write this takes me back to the spring. How I wish I was there. This is a great album. "Save it for a rainy day" "All The Right Reasons" go and buy those off of iTunes. Another song from the Jayhawks that I found was "bad day" from another album of theirs which I also bought soon after. Buy that song too! Thanks Jayhawks. We will revist eachother each spring! xo

2. Tom Waits - Mule Variations. Originally released in 1999. I was in Atlanta in July and I dropped in Nashville on my way home to see my cousin Jason. As i was leaving after the day he said to me; "hey you gotta hear tom waits mule variations" i did. and i like it , a lot. So i bought it on my way home at a Barns & Nobel in Elizabethtown, KY. Some of the best songs in the history of music is on this album. Including; "Hold On", "Picture in a Frame", "Take it With Me" and the song you should go buy right now off iTunes "Georgia Lee".

I love these two albums and I will be playing them for my kids.

I also really enjoyed Bob Dylan's Highway 61 Revisted. That was a great album that I hadn't owned and enjoyed until this year. What a great record! Same with The Rising from Bruce Springsteen.

That is all.

I have enjoyed many new albums this year. I counted last week just for fun. I bought 60 CDs so far in 2007. That doesn't account iTunes purchases, over 20 vinyls and any music dvds.

Coming up in December at this blog;

Best 10 Albums of 2007
Best 10 Songs of 2007
Best Artist/Band of 2007

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